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  1. Tarkasteltuaan kaikkien 179 ehdotuksen PDF-tiedostoja, kolme suosikkiani ehdotusta on lueteltu alla (aakkosjärjestyksessä).
    – Lahde (2): Taiteellinen ehdotus ja varsin taloudellinen.
    – LASI VENE: Eniten silmiinpistävä ja viittaava (eli kansallismuseon veneen) ehdotus sekä paras suhde olemassa oleviin rakennuksiin.
    – X414A: Korkein ammattitaso ja sijoitukset. Yläosassa muistutan Safdien ArtScience -museosta Marina Bayn Singaporessa.
    Voisiko muut ihmiset lähettää listansa 3 – 5 suosikkistaan, mieluiten lyhyellä selityksellä?
    After looking at PDFs of all 179 proposals, my 3 favourite proposals are listed below (in the alphabetical order).
    – Lahde (2): The most artistic proposal and quite economical.
    – LASI VENE:The most eye-catching and referential (i.e. the National Museum’s boat) proposal, plus the best relationship with the existing buildings.
    – X414A: The highest professional level and investment shown. The top part reminds me of Safdie’s ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay, Singapure.
    Could the other people please post their lists of their 3 to 5 favourites, preferably with the short explanation?

  2. To Elsa: You sound like desperately trying to promote those three projects. Incidentally, we are at Ytheiselo space.

  3. Pietta, by posting a list of my 3 favorites I certainly do try to promote what I like. That is exactly what the public comments are for – to give everyone an opportunity to express their preferences. Please do the same and show your favorites. At the moment, it seems that the authors of one proposal, and their friends, vote for that proposal and sometimes make ”beautiful/great” comments. That is not very helpful. If everyone wrote a list of 3-5 favorites, that would be more objective, as it is very unlikely that one commentator would have the personal connections with all of them.
    I do not understand what your word ”desperately” meant. I suppose it is there to add a negative sense to your comment, plus describe your style of vocabulary. I do not know what that ”Ytheiselo space” is (even the Google search has shown nothing about it), and what it has to do with my comment or with this competition.