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  1. Edellyttäen, että toiminto on kunnossa (koska en voi arvioida sitä), mielestäni tämän ehdotuksen pitäisi mennä toiseen vaiheeseen neljän muun kanssa, koska se on jännittävä ja edustaa taitavasti tehdyn ultra-modernin lähestymistavan estetiikkaan.
    Provided that the function is fine (as I cannot judge that), I think that this proposal should go to the second stage with 4 others, because it is exciting and represents the skillfully-done ultra-modern approach to aesthetics.

    1. This project does not respect the scale and value of the surrounding buildings. It leaves Vaunuvaja and the trees totally hidden behind this large construction. This building looks as if it was designed for another place.

      1. I disagree because obviously the program has been well thought out and is well integrated with the building. Therefore one could say it is totally designed for this site and fully according to the program. It connects to the garden on three levels and by landscaping the roof to the restaurant and outdoors and down to a sunken garden opening to exhibition spaces. The diagrams in the presentation show this clearly. By this way the garden becomes the building and works with all levels of it. The the new building connects beautifully with other structures on the site making it all work together. I think this is actually brilliant. And last but not the least the restaurant, the top part of the building, overlooks Helsinki bay and has an interesting dialog with other marvelous buildings at Mannerheim street.

  2. Formally very interesting. A museum and a public space. The tension between the old and new is very intriguing.

  3. It’s good to see an option to list the proposals as per the number of votes. Could the organizers please provide a separate page where the people could post their lists of 3-5 favorites, rather than commenting on one proposal?
    With votes numbered in the hundreds, it seems that the votes reflect the number of friends of authors, rather than the public opinion in a country of 5.5 million people.
    I find it amazing that some of the most inappropriate proposals (e.g. HYPOGEUM, Kulma and Kynnysgot) have got the highest numbers of votes. The critical comments on their pages have got no answers. If everyone wrote a list of 3-5 favorites, that would be more objective, as it is very unlikely that one commentator would have the personal connections with all of his/her favorites.

    1. The problem would remain the same! Some proposals, good or bad, could get thousands of Likes if someone has a a lot of free time to spend on clicking.

  4. Is that 3D animation or some kind of artwork on the restaurant facade towards Mannerheimintie. It looks really interesting and cool.

  5. Looks really great. I miss though not being able to see the view from the restaurant that looks like huge diamond and overlooks the nearest buildings and the water. I am sure they have thought it out as well as the rest of the proposal and it is a million dollar view. They obviously leave some for the imagination! Looking forward to see more of this when the competition goes further.