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  1. Miksi viettää 50 miljoonaa euroa rakentaa reikä maahan? Mitä muuta ihmiset näkevät ulkopuolelta täällä? Vain lasilaatikko. Se ei ole jännittävää. Myös boksinen sisustus.
    Why spend 50 million euros to build a hole in the ground? What else can the people see from the outside here? Just a glass box. That’s not exciting. The boxy interior either.

    1. To the author of the bitter comments:
      Please be respectful with your comments to the entries to this competition. Behind each entry there is a lot of work, dreams and hopes. Your negative comments clearly look like a poor strategy to promote another entry by leaving negative insights in this and other entries. But do not worry: if your project is so perfect, then it will stand out among all the others without needing to be negative against the work of others.