Lataa koko työ (PDF)

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  1. This crudely shaped building hides the whole old Museum, seen from the courtyard, and from the northern side of the streets. That is sufficiently strategically wrong approach, to warrant not looking at the plans in the PDF at all.
    Tämä karkeasti muotoiltu rakennus piilottaa koko vanhan museon pihalta ja katujen pohjoispuolelta. Tämä on riittävän strategisesti väärä lähestymistapa, joka takaa, ettei tarkastella PDF-suunnitelmia lainkaan.

    1. To the author of the bitter comments:
      Please be respectful with your comments to the entries to this competition. Behind each entry there is a lot of work, dreams and hopes. Your negative comments clearly look like a poor strategy to promote another entry by leaving negative insights in this and other entries. But do not worry: if your project is so perfect, then it will stand out among all the others without needing to be negative against the work of others.